Welcome to the Jersey Lilly Saloon!

Tommy and Joan Meredith Welcome You To the Jersey Lilly Saloon!

Jersey Lilly Neon SignCome on up and enjoy some good old Prescott hospitality at the Jersey Lilly Saloon. We are in the center of beautiful downtown Prescott, Arizona. Located upstairs in the Palace Historical Building on Whiskey Row, with the only Balcony overlooking the Courthouse Square!

Climb up the stairs (or take the elevator!) and have a front row seat on all the action in Prescott’s Courthouse Square!

  • 116 S. Montezuma St.
  • CALL 928-541-7854
  • UPSTAIRS Balcony 
  • Overlooking the Courthouse Square
  • Live Music
  • Dancing
  • Private Parties
  • Special Events

Tommy and Joan Meredith serve up Prescott hospitality at the Jersey Lilly Saloon in Grand Style, making the Jersey Lilly Saloon the unspoken “Hub” of Whiskey Row.


11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jersey Lilly Saloon!

  1. Just wanted to let you know my husband and I love this place. We stop each time we come to prescott.

  2. Thank you for the best birthday ever. My friends and I got center table on the balcony and watched the street dance and listened to great music. Everyone was great and the waitress was wonderful. We have decided to make it a yearly trip. I will make it a weekly
    as I am the only one who lives here out of my party. Thank you soooooooo much.

  3. I have been going to the Prescott Rodeo for years. My favorite place is Jersey’s. Historic surroundings, wonderful staff, great entertainment. Always a fun time.

  4. Loved your place! Prices were great and service was outstanding Thanks for making it a fun afternoon!

  5. Best Bloody Mary’s we’ve ever had. This is going to be our go to bar when we visit Prescott

  6. I visited there in Nov. & was treated to a Jersey Lil. I loved it & have been making them at home. Today is super bowl Sunday & guess what I’m having? Thanks guys! Cheers!!

  7. we were on holiday from Scotland, we had the best time ever!!!!! in JERSEY LILY and that was down to BRENT he is a brilliant bar tender, when we come over we make a point togo the pub to see BRENT, BRENT has become a great friend. PLEASE GIVE BRENT OUR LOVE.

  8. Tommy, Thought about you and the Jersey lately, miss ya, and look forward to a visit! Tammy is managing a hotel in Denver, and I’m kicking ass in Omaha, Nebraska, been a long time, still chat with Dino, once in a while. Take it easy, glad you are still kicking ass!

    Lloyd Erickson, former Food and Beverage Director of the Hassayampa Inn…………………

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